YNO You Are Not Us


April 2019. First Lockdown. Windy day. The days before we were in the garden, cutting the trees and then making a big fire. After what I had thought about having a picture of myself in the fireplace.

I imagined what I am phoenix, and it’s a new beginning. What anyways we came from the ashes and we go there back. So I will join them now, I will try to feel. Become more me, become new me.

Earth is in our hands

Nature is in our hands burning down, of what we doing and this is the result and our karma. We are still holding it in our hands, but our hands are also started to burn. What do we do to extinguish the fire or just watch everything destroying?

Survive the swan

Birds can’t adapt so fast as people. Even people’s genetics cant adapt in a month. It takes years and decades. So birds are dying cause they can’t adapt, but shall they? If we know there are birds’ location and the way, should we build an electric line there? No. So, we are destroying animals.

In the picture is a swan, who climbs out of the suitcase full of feathers. For me is symbolizing when you left something and trying to survive, but you are destined to die.

Immortal love

White as light and purity, but cause it has red eyes, it means what it’s not actually a living soul. Black as death and darkness, cause it’s lying on the knees, it shows me what darkness loved the light, but now it’s dead or at least asleep. On the leg, on the body of the darkness, we see a whole. One whole is with galaxy. For me, it symbolizes, what in everything is the same energy – cosmic.

The location is also symbolic as well as the crown of the darkness. Wood.

The love between two different types of livings just is not healthy, but it exists and they can feel it until one of them die. Like humans and trees.

Water Me

Water Me version 2

Human needs water as plants do. We are similar, and plants are part of us, and humans are part of the nature.

Colored strokes are water. Polluted rivers cause industry and damage people deal to themselves. That’s why colored rivers flow over the flowers and “head”.



How fast seasons disappear. For example, my favorite autumn, every year becomes shorter.

As in this image, the season – the main character- is shocked that she will be gone soon or wooden, as her legs are already gone.

Modell/Mua: Johanna Taiger


It was inspired by the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”. I was reading a book to my child and then I saw an image of how is wolf choosing grandmothers’ dresses, I totally disagreed with it, cause in real life people are trying wolf skins on themselves. Ultimately, the wolf will die whatever he doesn’t try.

Red hood has other animal skin on and wants more. For fun, for fur, not cause they need it actually, but just cause they can and as a design element or as fashion. Red hoods don’t decrease the population of wolves, do not reuse materials, but kill animals in groups and for fun.

One thing is to fight for life as equals with animals, but the other is for money, pleasure, riches, fashion, and domination. Wolf’s soul is looking at her body, cause she is dead. And for sure also had family and kids. But who cares?