How you create better world?

How you create better world?
September 6, 2022 elimelart

Elimel Art constantly asks the question why? How it is helping the environment and creating better space? If the answer is meaningless, I don’t do it, cause it doesn’t help anyone.

Elimel Art analyzes herself, her emotions, dreams, and daily routine. Always looking for better, sustainable, alternative materials, and reusable options in the creative process, packaging, and shipping. That’s why uses for packaging her original and framed canvases/prints into Woola (ship waste wool instead of bubble wrap made from plastic). Joined MakeitNeutral. And prefers to use shipping companies, which also try to eliminate carbon emissions like DPD.

Always then finds garbage in the forest, and takes it to the trash can. Eat less meat (not vegan or vegetarian) and fish from mass production. Don’t eat products with palm/ coco oil, or soya. Especially if they have grown in the Amazon. Prefer to grow plants and some food, instead of buying it from the supermarket, or at least from local food businesses. Spend time in the forest with a family or outside working in the garden.

Prefers vegan vitamins instead of chemicals. For example, kitchen or hair products are vegan or environment friendly. Don’t waste water and electricity.

Compost organic waste and sort garbage.  In our garden, there are no pesticides or chemicals. Compost goes to the ground as well as ash. Buys clothes from the second circle, especially for the kids and photoshoots. Also, she is making clothes or accessories for photoshoots from already existing materials at my home, nature- re-use stuff.

And I wish to make more or act somehow, what I will reach more people like forest and seacoast cleaning companies, put trash cans in the forests, make some other laws for the waste…etc.