Did you come from an artistic family?

Did you come from an artistic family?
September 20, 2022 elimelart

I came from an ordinary family; my mother and father have artistic veins but never made it to a professional career. My father was against artistic professional careers from the beginning. Both have musical genes, but a mother has also poetic and drawing genes, as well as a nice body and tissue for dancing. Mother played accordion and went to the choir, father more into the guitar and photography.

Professionally my mother is a doctor of the ambulance and had other medical practices also, my father is a solderer, and my grandmother was working in Kreenholm Manufactory as a seamstress and fabricating textiles.

So from a young age, I was into music, dancing, and drawing. Participated in a drawing contest also, but never studied drawing or painting professionally, but I always had classes in school with artistic direction. Like theatre, dancing, singing, clay, handicrafts, etc. I studied dance and music in higher education, but not anything visual.

Although I self-taught artist, everything else was very helpful to develop such as a passion for photo manipulation.