Are you doing everything yourself?

Are you doing everything yourself?
September 20, 2022 elimelart

About photoshoot: Sometimes yes, cause it’s easier to use me for legal reasons. I don’t need to sign a model release, using rights or licenses. Then I make my own dress or accessories for the photo shoot, I think it adds value to my final work, cause from the beginning I created a whole vibe.

Sometimes I work with make-up artists, fashion designers, assistants, copywriters, videographers etc. It’s really hard to film myself and backstage at the same time, then you need to focus on the model. If I don’t have time for the retouching or for a final editing I hire other digital artist to do it.

Both ways have advantages- like the more people are invited to artwork and later share it, the more people it can reach. I like to give an opportunity to people to be part of something creative and create themselves, especially if we vibe together, like my team.

Some images are self-portraiture, cause I just don’t have time to look for a model, and I am the best option, cause I can do exactly as I see it in my head. Also, Im learning more about posing and my emotions cause of self-portraiture. In self-portraiture, I do everything myself, from the makeup to the light setup, shooting, post-production, marketing, etc.