Album Covers, Portraits, Stage

All who need a creative portrait include creative and business people. We can create anything you want.

Photosession can last up to 5 hours – with make-up, changes of wardrobe and accessories, photoshoot, and transport to the locations and back. Depending on the idea, wardrobe, and make-up difficulties, we can make only up to 2 characters/stories per day. More details and planning discuss at the personal consultation at the studio or public location.

Professional and creative make-up lasts up to 2 hours, depending on the character. The make-up artist will participate in the photoshoot.
Digital artwork will be made 60 days after the photoshoot. Preparation for the artwork is during the consultation, and during the shoot, we focus on creating a creative composite and capturing the story of your character.

In the preparation/consultation, I am focusing on the character creation, character emotions, storyline, make-up, wardrobe, accessories, location, mood, and sketches of the final artwork.

Preparation for the shoot can be up to 6 months before the shoot. So please order the creative portrait at least 1-2 months before you want it, cause good production needs time.

After final retouching, you will get a personal Google Drive link to a folder with all images on the web (for the internet) and for printing (big jpg). I will provide you with TIFF files, that are more suitable for printing.

Cause I’m an educated musician and all my life I was closely related to music, I have a connection with musicians. If I wasn’t a photographer I would be a singer-songwriter.

I’m working with Estonian bands since I was in a band (2015), and in 2022 made my first two music albums, where my images and design were printed.